AuthorsL.Vamsi Narasimha Rao, M.R.V.Murali


 This paper investigates with the design of synchronous reference frame control strategy also called DQ control, uses a reference frame transformation module for inverter-based Distributed generation systems. The SRF based compensation is developed by sensing, load currents. Using Reference Frame Transformation, the current is transformed from a-b-c stationary frame to Rotating d-q frame. Using the PI controller, the current in the d-q frame is controlled to get the desired reference signal. By means of this, the control variable becomes dc values. Then filtering and controlling can be easily achieved. The essence of the proposed control strategy is to use an  SRF-PI controller to regulate the output voltage, to improve the system robustness. A detailed design procedure for the proposed control strategy is presented using the hybrid DG system. The potency of this control technique is illustrated using MATLAB simulation.

Index Terms

Distribution generation, Phase locked loop, Point of common coupling, Grid connected operation, Islanding operation, synchronization.

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Application of synchronous frame Controller for Grid Connected and Islanding operation of Distributed Power Generation