Authors:Eman Moustafa, Belal Abou-Zalam, Abdel-Azem Sobaih


The effects of nonlinearity in a PMDC drive are the main problems when apply a conventional control algorithm (p or pi controller). As some system parameter such as the controller gains or the supply voltage is being varied, the nominal period-1 orbit in the drives may lose stability and lead to nonlinear phenomena such as chaos and bifurcation. So that we need to improve controllers that are match the parameter variations. In this paper we use Simulink model to describe fuzzy controller to control the nonlinear phenomena in a dc chopper-fed PMDC drive and compare the results with p and pi controller.

Index Terms

nonlinear phenomena, chaos, p controller, pi controller, FLC, effects of nonlinearity, PMDC drive, period-doubling bifurcation, Neimark-sacker bifurcation and Simulink model

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Control of Nonlinear Phenomena in a DC Chopper-Fed PMDC Drive