AuthorsKheirollahi, R. Tahmasebifar, E. Dehghanpour


Power system protection includes numerous types of optimizations implemented to increase the level of stability and secure the electrical network. There are two significant components in determining and choosing optimizing algorithms in protective functions: the precision of the output results and reducing execution time of the optimization algorithm. This paper presents a novel approach to optimize overcurrent relay coordination in power systems. Proposing a novel Objective Function (OF) is the main concern of this paper which ultimately decreases the value of operating time in relays and the execution time. This item is of major importance to improve network’s protection and stability. The proposed OF is able to be employed in other overcurrent relay coordination problems. To show the correctness of the suggested approach, it is applied to two standard power networks. Simulation results proves the accuracy and usefulness of the proposed strategy in comparison with previous studies.


Index Terms— Genetic algorithm, Optimization methods, Overcurrent protection, Power system protection.

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Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent Relays Using a Novel Objective Function