PI, Fuzzy and Reduced FLC Controllers act on Shunt Active Power Filters

Authors:  Seemant Chourasiya, Seema Agarwal


This paper presents the refinement of the current harmonics reduction and reactive power compensation through the different controllers acting on a Shunt active power filter. The main objective of this paper is to find most suitable controllers for obtaining better current harmonic compensation according to the IEEE power quality standard 519-1992. In this paper the simulation of shunt active power filter with PI controller, Fuzzy logic controller and reduced fuzzy logic controller are done and compared their results. After comparison the best suitable controller is reduced fuzzy logic controller and the power quality is according to IEEE standard with this controller. Artificial intelligent technique is most suitable of any type of the system and this shown in this paper. The basic requirement of the SAPF is to maintain DC link capacitor voltage constant after triggering of the VSI. Gating Pulse Generation for the VSI is also very basic need of SAPF and for this current control technique is used and discussed in this paper. This technique is very needful for electrical distribution systems and consumer’s point of view.


Shunt Active Power Filter, PI Controller, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Reduced Fuzzy Logic Controller

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PI, Fuzzy and Reduced FLC Controllers act on Shunt Active Power Filters