Power Quality Enrichment in 3P4W Electrical Distribution System by using FCMLI-DSTATCOM-TIES with Reliability Study

AuthorsT.Rakesh, V. Madhusudhan, M.Sushama



In the present electric power grids, power quality problems are a unit recognized as an important considerations and a oft occurring downside possessing vital pricey consequence like sensitive load tripping and production loss. Consequently, demand for top power quality and voltage stability becomes a pressing issue. Grid currents are a unit distorted thanks to the intensive use of power converters/switches and different non-linear loads. Harmonic distortions are a unit the one in all the most loss within the power lines, which ends in bigger heat losses in distribution, interference issues in communication systems etc. Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM), as a custom power device, is one in all the foremost effective solutions for “restoring” the standard of voltage at its load-side terminals once the standard of voltage at its source-side terminals is disturbed. This paper discusses the facility quality sweetening, harmonics elimination; neutral currents compensation in non- linear distribution system employing a D-STATCOM, that relies on a 5-level & 7-level flying capacitance construction electrical converter with TIES (Transformer connections). The DSTATCOM will offer a much better protection against the harmonics issues, power quality and cargo equalization. TIES (Transformer connections (Star/Delta, T-Connected, Zig/Zag transformers)) liable for neutral currents within the system. A quite well-known topology of construction electrical converter area unit flying capacitance construction electrical converter that is adopted during this system. Construction inverters will cut back harmonics and EMI. Therefore, shrinking of output filter is complete compared with general 2-level inverters. Especially, flying capacitance construction inverters have a plus over different construction circuit topologies in terms of curtailment. Within the flying capacitance topologies, construction voltage wave is generated by the capacitors (called flying capacitors) that maintain their planned voltage. The management of shunt connected FCMLI is achieved by an impression strategy referred to as p-q theory and SPWM for modulation of FCMLI. 5-level & 7-level FCMLI-based DSTATCOM with TIES is employed during this specific work. The performance of the planned system is analyzed through simulations with MATLAB SIMULINK computer code. Also it is proposed to study the development of reliability models and estimate the Hazard RATE for Nonparametric Model reliability indices of the system.


Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM), Flying capacitor multilevel inverter (FCMLI), Voltage Source converter (VSC). Multilevel Power Converters; Power Quality; Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) Reactive Power, SRF, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

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Power Quality Enrichment in 3P4W Electrical Distribution System by using FCMLI-DSTATCOM-TIES with Reliability Study