AuthorsJ.Uday Bhaskar, S.S Tulasiram, G.Ravi Kumar


AC exact fault classification and faulty terminal identification in SVC compensated multi terminal transmission system is proposed. The multi terminal transmission systems are usually compensated with FACTS devices like static var compensators which are required during faults to improve power transfer capability and voltage regulation by rapidly supplying the dynamic vars required during faults for voltage support. This paper presents the simulation results of the application of distance relays for the protection of multi terminal transmission system compensated with SVC. The fault indices  of all the phases  for all the faults at  each terminal are  obtained through MATLAB simulation  using wavelet transform approach with Bior1.5 as mother wavelet. The fault indices were utilized to detect and classify the faults and also to identify the faulty terminal with variations in fault impedance and fault inception angle which are independent of each other. The proposed protection scheme is found to be fast, reliable for detection of various types of faults at all terminals with variations in fault location and fault inception angle.

Index Terms

Multi terminal transmission system, Wavelet transform, Fault indices, SVC, Threshold value, Fault inception angle

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SVC Compensated Multi Terminal Transmission System Digital Protection Scheme using Wavelet Transform Approach