The Vast Renewable Energy in Africa versus its Slow Pace of Harnessing

Authors: Agbetuyi A. F, Oyedepo S.O, Awosope C.O.A, Orovwode H.E, and Olowoleni J.O


 Quite a number of developing nations of the world are considering renewable energy sources as a sustainable energy option because of the advantages they offer. These include the absence of harmful emissions, very clean in nature, infinitely available and convertible into electricity. Africa is a large and diverse continent. Consequently, the level of energy sector development differs across her fifty-four countries. Many of these countries are endowed with adequate renewable energy resources to meet their present and future developments, but unfortunately these resources are under-utilized making access to electricity services in some of these countries to be very low thereby increasing poverty rate. This paper therefore aims at reviewing various types of renewable energy resources, most importantly Hydro, Solar and Wind resources which are abundantly available in some selected countries in Africa such as Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Kenya. The present Installed capacities and potentials, the challenges of their integration into the existing grids and possible solutions to these challenges are considered in this paper. If these renewable energy resources which are available in abundance in Africa are tapped and effectively utilized, it will go a long way in solving the incessant power outages in these selected African Countries. Also having brought out the installed capacities and potentials for renewable energy resources in these African countries, it can be used for transparent energy modelling and energy systems analysis, which is the foundation for proper energy planning.

Index Terms

Renewable energy, Electricity, Africa, grid, integration.

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The Vast Renewable Energy in Africa versus its Slow Pace of Harnessing