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Submission of Papers

All papers are subjected to a blind peer review process. Manuscripts are invited from academicians, research students, and scientists for publication consideration. Papers are accepted for editorial consideration through email the understanding that they have not been published, submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere. Papers accepted for publication may not be published elsewhere in the same form, either in the language of the paper or any other language, without the permission of the Editorial Board.


Transactions paper should not exceed 25 typeset, printed pages.


Follow IEEJ template, which can be obtained by clicking here Template

Cite one of the papers from International Electrical Engineering Journal(IEEJ). In your references at least  1 paper from IEEJ.

The statement that all authors have approved the final article should be true and included in the disclosure.


With each manuscript  submission, you agree to  IEEJ copyright policies,  which transfers the copyright to the unpublished article to IEEJ and which warrants that the article is the original work of the author and does not infringe the copyright of any other parties.

Author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions.   The author hereby warrants that the Work is original and that he/she is the author of the Work;



Permission is herewith granted to IEEJ to circulate and make copies for non-commercial purpose in any type of media format. Conversely, the authors have the right to

(1) Own this paper

(2) Use the whole contents or parts of this paper for their purposes

(3) Re-publish or allow other people to publish the above title for private use or for their organizations the name of IEEJ must be shown in those particular paper and they must not be used for commercial purpose.

Review Process

The Editor first evaluates all manuscripts. It is rare but completely possible for an exceptional manuscript to be accepted at this stage. Those rejected at this stage are inadequately original, have poor grammar or English language, or are outside the aims and scope of the journal. Should the Editor decide to not assign reviewers but instead reject the submission, he/she is required to present comments to be returned to the author. Suggestions for referees from the author are welcome, though these recommendations may or may not be used. Editors will solicit reviewers with the title and an abstract of the submission and, if accepted, send reviewers the submission via email. A reviewer, the deadline to return a completed review is 4 weeks. Upon acceptance of the paper, all authors are then informed about the review comments and asked to submit camera-ready.

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