International Electrical Engineering Journal (IEEJ)

International Electrical Engineering Journal (IEEJ) extends your company the opportunity to promote and profile your products and services within the Educational Institutes as well as in the Industries. As with any customer, the key to doing business with the aforesaid organization is early awareness of likely future motivations.

We expect papers from both academia and industry, as due to its free access on internet, a large audience may visit this International Journal.
International Electrical Engineering Journal (IEEJ) covers the vivid research activity that is being accomplished in the systems field in both theoretical and practical hardware and software problems, together with the considerable amount of work being implemented within industry on the engineering, implementation and development of such systems.
Research notes, Original research papers, new design and development experience and application papers are an important part of International Electrical Engineering Journal’s all-round coverage of the subject; industrial developments and new products are also monitored.
A conference calendar, reviews of new books and announcements of important events from around the world keep the reader fully informed.

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